Message from the CEO


“The idea essentially originated in my previous company Tibotec-Virco. In the late nineties Tibotec-Virco (now part of Johnson&Johnson) proved very successful in developing several anti-HIV agents which are today saving thousands of patient lives.We pioneered in those days the concept to tailor the anti-HIV treatment regimens to individual patient needs based on a molecular analysis of the viruses circulating in each of those patients. Although the medical impact was clear, scaling those diagnostic services and making them available on a global basis proved a challenge in cost, quality and turn-around times.”


“With Biocartis, we aim to develop and manufacture new gold standard molecular diagnostic platforms that are much more versatile in terms of possible content development and that offer fully automated, easy to use, highly multiplexed, true clinical sample-in result-out diagnostic instruments and tests. Biocartis’ internal disease focus is primarily detection and therapeutic management of cancer. We thus aim to democratize access to high quality molecular diagnostics.“


“This approach inspires us to improve current workflows and enables doctors to take clinically relevant decisions. Our employees continue to pursue the same deeply rooted vision of innovating diagnostic testing to improve the lives of all patients afflicted with cancer worldwide..“


Rudi Pauwels, CEO Biocartis