Discover the benefits of being connected
Discover the benefits of Idylla
Advanced services to ensure continuity in your laboratory workflow

Automatic software updates

New releases of assay and console software are sent to your Idylla™ console and can be installed with a single touch on the screen.

Immediate and remote service and support

Idylla™ system parameters and error logs can be analyzed at anytime and anywhere to ensure swift actions and solutions.

More insight into your data with Idylla™ Explore
More insight into Idylla

Get connected and enjoy the advantages of Idylla™ Explore, a web-based application that allows you to analyze your data by providing

  • Visualization of PCR curves from Idylla™ Test Results
  • Cq values per target
  • Direct Access to Console result reports
Custom-made solutions
Biocartis offers personalised solutions that fit your individual needs
  • Create a network between different Idylla™ User sites and share data and knowledge
  • Direct access to your data for building your own solution
  • Statistical analysis on your obtained data
  • Monitoring: Follow-up of your data over time
  • Disease surveillance or diagnostic grid: linking of real-time molecular diagnosis test data to geo-location and sample data
Your data is safe with us
Your data is safe with Idylla
What about privacy and data protection?
  • Is Idylla™ Connect safe?

    The Idylla™ Connect network is built on state of the art cyber security technology which guarantees that only Idylla™ Systems can get access to this network. Connecting to Idylla™ Connect requires a certificate based authentication procedure which ensures that only Biocartis known and trusted Systems can connect. The Idylla™ Connect and Idylla™ Explore solution complies with the US FDA adopted cyber security standards of the CLSI organization, AUTO-9A (Remote Access to Clinical Laboratory Diagnostic Devices via the Internet) and AUTO11-A2 (Remote Access to Clinical Laboratory Diagnostic Devices via the Internet).

  • Is my data secure?

    Data is transported over a single TLS (Transport Layer Security) socket between your Idylla™ Systems and the Biocartis server to provide secure end-to-end confidentiality of encrypted data. The Idylla™ Connect data transfer technology prevents tampering with the data. Every file, transferred from and to your Idylla™ System, includes a dependent authentication code that ensures the file arrives at its destination as it was sent from the authenticated source.

  • What about Patient Privacy?

    Idylla™ does not require patient identifying information. Idylla™ test results only reference to an anonymous sample ID. Biocartis recommends users to avoid including patient names or other medical information in the sample ID or annotations field.

  • Who can access my data?

    Access to data on Idylla™ Explore is protected with login credentials that are associated to specific data group definitions. This architecture ensures that test result data is only accessible by authorized persons within the group. The Biocartis server, holding the transferred test result data, is physically located at the European Biocartis headquarters and maintained by Biocartis staff members with audit functionality.

Connect today

Get started with Idylla™ Explore in just 2 easy steps

Establish an ethernet connection between the Idylla™ console and our laboratory network or a 3/4G modem.

On the Idylla™ console:

  • Enable Idylla™ Connect
  • Enable "Allow uploading of test result - Idylla™ Explore" for Idylla™ Explore

CONFIDENTIALITY STATEMENT: Biocartis will not require access to confidential patient-identifying information. Biocartis assumes that the sample ID field does not contain any patient-identifying information. Should that be the case, Biocartis will treat it as confidential information and will not use it for any purpose.

Idylla™ Explore has been developed soley as a visualization tool and does not allow any modification of reported data. Idylla™ Explore may not be available in all markets due to regulatory restrictions. Specific terms and conditions apply for the use of Idylla™ Explore.